logo legacy

By krystal

the alien logo is shiny.

i like shiny things.

raccoons like shiny things, too.
submitted Sep 2003

By Sabrina Peek

I am a rare being.
I am honest and true.
I am not one of you.
I am what they made me.
A rare being.
A being that is of truth.
A being that seeks out truth.
A being that lives in truth.
Some say that they have seen.
Some claim to have communicated.
Some reveal that they are a being.
A rare being.
A form of life without no end.
A form of life without a beginning.
A rare being.
Though it's true.
I am part of you.
See that rare being,
inside of you.

submitted June 2003


The essence.
from the Alien logo supporter.

By Sabrina Peek

A central commandment;
of importance.

The permanent element.
The essence;
of importance.

The ultimate being.
The essence;
of importance.

A controlling word.
The essence.

The quality Being.
The essence;
for importance.

The advertising Being.
The essence;
for importance.

submitted June 2003


Essence of the Alienlogo

By Jean R Johnson

1) It is deep and unknown keeping you alienated until you're grown!

2) Grown to believe in the unknown

3) Outer Space in Cyberspace

4) Unlike any other, AlienLogo gives one that extraterrestrial and celestial feeling. Feeling like a foreigner, sometimes far off, different, unusual, uncommon, extraordinary, bizarre, peculiar, odd, special, astonishing, unpredictable, surprised, strange, weird and wonderful? You may be an alien too! And, it's okay, if you do.

5) Take a trip to outer space via cyberspace

6) Aliens protecting their space

7) Join the aliens

8) It's foreign but real

9) Don't trip, get a grip

10) The place is our space

submitted May 2003


The Alien Symbol

From the beginnings of civilization man has been trying to explain, in simple form, the things that he does not understand. The Alien symbol is the symbol which answers all of the mysteries from the beginning of time. The egyptians would describe it as the eye of Ra. The oviloid that carried, in its center, the power of the sun and the key to life. The cabbalistic symbol, for the sphere of heaven and earth conbined, can be seen in the alien symbol. Was it because the cabbalist realized that a craft was the vehicle to unity between the heavens and the earth? The Hebrew's claim that God created us in his own image.

  Was it beings in the strange crafts from heaven that inspired these images? Man has been looking to the stars for answers, since he first crawled from the mire. Now as science breeches the boundaries of space and the understanding of nature, the thought of otherworldly influence becomes a considerable hypothesis. Could the key to understanding why we are here be answered in the alien symbol?

  Close your eyes and see it's shining design in the darkness of your mind. Reach out and grab it. Have you found what you are looking for? Take your answer and go for a ride with a new understanding.
Submitted May 20, 2000


Leggo My Logo

The alien ship had docked in the bay of the planet subconsciousness; it sat there awaiting a response, any response. Finally it came, in one blinding flash the ship was sent catapulting down through the centers of the human consciousness and into the cerebral cortex of the brain. Myra and Brian sat in their design studio they were working on their logo for an exciting new business. "Hey Myra I just got an idea. We should draw like a u.f.o alien logo man; it would be cool. Here, look, it should look like this. Brian's hand flew back and forward across the page in a blur. When he finished drawing there lay on the page a ship like there had never been and possibly never would be again. " Yeah that's cool. Where'd you get the idea for that then?" "Dunno man", Brian said smirking "I guess it just floated in from outa space". "Yeah must have" Myra said, smiling. They both looked at the logo and agreed although they had no idea where it had come from they both liked it and somehow by sheer coincidence it encompassed everything their business was about. It was truly amazing. In the cerebral cortex, the ship had docked for a short time. After re-energizing the power sources it was ready to return home. "Do you think we'll ever come here again?", alien two asked alien one. "Yes I’d bet my third eye on it", alien one said. Alien 1 made a hiccup motion and alien 2 joined in. "What's going on here" the captain had come in. "Nothing captain, alien one just made a funny", alien two nudged alien one hiccuping. "Get back to your posts you two or I'll take away your heads". "Okay captain". Alien one and two looked at each other rolled their eyes and returned to their posts. As the ship turned headed for it's destination the captain muttered under his breath, "what can you do with the young aliens these days, in my day we used to take their heads away, that stopped all the rubbish. It's a shame they passed those new alien rights laws, can't get way with an arm or a leg these days... Back in the design studio Myra and Brian were admiring the alien logo, "So Brian, you got any more ideas?" Myra asked. "No I’m afraid that's it for today, let's get some pizza go and watch TV." "Okay" Myra said. As Myra switched off the studio light a faint glow began emanating from the desk. It was slowly pulsating and growing brighter. It got brighter and brighter until it was glowing like a light. It was probably due to the fact that Brain had used glow in the dark ink to draw the logo with.
Submitted Nov 4, 1999


The Supreme Alien

I am, that I am.

I was here before you,

And all your kind.

I evolved from nothing,

And, I will return to nothing.

I live and breath.

But, I am not humanoid.

I swim and fly.

But, I am not of the animal kingdom.

I look to the heavens for guidance.

But, I created the heavens.

I am your beginning.

But, I am also your ending.

I am ever present in your life.
Submitted 10 Nov. 1998


  We Walk Among You

  We are...unknown

  We came from "spaceships"

  We are..."E.T.s"

We walk among terrestrials of earth

Yet, they fear us and do not no us

They frequently spot our means of transportation

And still...they..do not believe in us

And still some of us wait for rides home

We walk among you

The first visit to earth was 50 years..at "Roswell"

We walk among you
 submitted 19 APR 98


The Alien Creed

I am a Celestial Being.

Although my physical roots may be of this planet,

I am more than mud.
I am more than amino acids.

I was. I am. I will be.

I believe in the existence of a Supreme Being,
but I care not what you call him.

I will not get caught up in petty rivalries.
I am bigger than that.
I am more than that.

I look to the heavens for guidance.
I look inside myself.

In me, I find you.
In you, I find us.

Let us, together, lift this planet to the stars.

The Universe is not big enough to hold us.

Submitted by "Alienate" 22 MAY 97



end of transmission