Writer's Contest With No Big Prizes !!!

( but we do have a few small prizes )

We, the beings behind BlackHole Designs and its AlienLogo Symbol, are looking for a few good humans: humans with intelligence, knowledge, and writing skills. It seems to be a rare combination of traits on Planet Earth.

What we are specifically looking for is this:

We wish to have you, the entrants, put into words, the ESSENCE of the AlienLogo.

Its mythology, genealogy, philosophy, cosmology, visual conscious/sub-conscious impact, symbolism, etc... Are you getting this?

What IS this thing? Where did it come from? What does it MEAN?

Rules: None

Prizes: We pick what we have from our small list of AlienLogo Merchandise including, but not limited to:

Silver AlienLogo Plaques
Gold AlienLogo Plaques
22k Gold Plate Lettered AlienLogo Coffee Mugs
AlienLogo-"we know who we are" Patches
AlienLogo Hats


How to Enter:

Send us your entry.

We may post your entry on this web site for all the universe to see.

E-MAIL your entry to : gameman@pyramid.net

Winners will be announced when our moulting cycle completes.

Link to Posted Entries


end of transmission