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You Have Found Us... Now Join Us...
You’ve seen the Fundamentalist Fish...
You’ve smiled at Darwin's Fish with Feet...
Now show them what REALLY happened...
Our Revolutionary Design (not evolutionary), symbolizes
Humankind’s Connection to Otherworldly Influences.


Our “AlienLogo Ship” is constructed of heavy duty black plastic “Hot Stamped” with high quality chrome film.

The ship is approximately 5.25 inches long by 2.25 inches tall. Specifically designed to be attached to indoor or outdoor surfaces, (cars, computers, cubical walls, etc.) it comes complete with double sided foam tape.

You will be pleased by its craftsmanship.

We have been placing our “ship” in select retail outlets since February of 1997, however, you need not search any longer..

You can order yours direct from the manufacturer (that’s us, by the way...) by sending your cash, check, money order, PAYPAL, or Galactic Credits to our above listed address.



Or, you can simply choose the quantity you want from the pricing schedule below and click on the "Buy Me Now" button next to the item you want.. You can make purchases with ALL major credit cards.


Suggested Retail Price = $6.00 <--- Actual Photo !
.............                                        .They Make Great Gifts!..


Number of Units

Price Each.......Total

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 $5.00 ............ $5.00

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$4.00 ........... $12.00

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$2.50 ........... $25.00
*get a free AlienLogo patch with each 10 pack.

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On All Orders!!!

Large Volumes:

Call Us: 775.852.2920



All orders will be shipped as soon as we verify the quality of your monetary units...
If you don’t trust us enough to send 5 measly earth dollars...
Our sensory organs get hurt...
We'll probably have to declare war on your home planet...

We now have credit card purchase abilities!
Click on those "Buy Me Now" buttons, Earthling.


Patch Photo........

Oh, by the way, our ship, its design, and our slogan “we know who we are” are copyrighted and trade marked. If you feel compelled to “grab” our images for any reason, please contact us first. We want the word to spread... But, we would like our due credit.

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“we know who we are”

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